The art and the science of Customer Success

Explore CS principals, evolving best practices and data methodologies discovered, honed and broken over nearly 20 years as a customer champion and executive leader in growing B2B businesses.

Hello, I'm Kelvin Claridge

I have spent nearly 20 years immersed in the world of customer success and SaaS operations as a high-performing individual contributor, manager and executive leader. In that time I have had the pleasure of attaining, supporting and growing multi-million-dollar relationships with some of the world's largest businesses including Bank of America, Coca-Cola and WPP and the privilege of leading incredible teams to achieve commercial results and efficiencies far beyond expectation.

My career has spanned the entire customer life cycle including amazing tenures in consultancy, account management, technical & professional services, support, sales and marketing. All of these roles, whether they had "customer success" in their titles or not, have been dedicated to helping customers make their ambitions a reality.

My proudest moments among successful tenders, hard-won renewals, speaking engagements and a PE exit, are seeing the colleagues I've mentored build tremendous careers leading departments and businesses of their own.

Invention, empathy and data are central to my work. I am committed to empowering CS teams - well, any function with it's priorities right - to learn arts and sciences from other functions so that they can demonstrably exceed more customer objectives, more quickly.

Portrait Kelvin Claridge
Portrait Kelvin Claridge